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Bucket List – projects that I’m either currently working on or projects planned for the future.

Bieszczady National Park - educational trial

Bieszczady – the secret place at the end of the World

Yey! I’ve got it! I finally made it to Bieszczady and conquered Tarnica - it’s highest peak (on Polish side)  to the collection of the Great Crown of Beskid Mountains. Well done me! ? Visiting...
Tabaco factory in Trinidad, Cuba. My Cuban Story - background.

My Cuban Story – background

I would like to tell you a story. The story of a girl who made it possible to follow her biggest dream. The dream that was so deep, that didn’t let go even after...
The view from the Mount Szyndzielnia - Beskid Mountains, Poland

How to follow your dreams + my bucket list

Let's get started! “Each of our dream is given to us, with all the strengths needed to make our dreams to come true.” - Richard Bach- I believe in dreams, I believe that it is possible to...