Bieszczady National Park - educational trial

Bieszczady – the secret place at the end of the World

Yey! I’ve got it! I finally made it to Bieszczady and conquered Tarnica - it’s highest peak (on Polish side)  to the collection of the Great Crown of Beskid Mountains. Well done me! ? Visiting...
Tabaco factory in Trinidad, Cuba. My Cuban Story - background.

My Cuban Story – background

I would like to tell you a story. The story of a girl who made it possible to follow her biggest dream. The dream that was so deep, that didn’t let go even after...
On the way to Mount Szyndzielnia, Beskid Mountains, Poland

You are enough!

There are two kinds of statements you hear or tell yourself. These are lies and truths. Let's identify what they exactly are. Lies You’re hopeless. You’re stupid. You’re not enough. Others are better than you. Others...
The view from the Mount Szyndzielnia - Beskid Mountains, Poland

How to follow your dreams + my bucket list

Let's get started! “Each of our dream is given to us, with all the strengths needed to make our dreams to come true.” - Richard Bach- I believe in dreams, I believe that it is possible to...